Homework 1 – thompbla

The app I created is a flashcard app, especially useful for parents wanting to help younger users.


The app does not currently have a response system. The user is allowed to edit both questions and answers as of now for an easy use flashcard app. It would be simple to allow only editing of answers and a submit button in order to use it as a quiz or survey app.

The app currently only consists of one activity. It was simple to set up and works very well in that fashion. A few unique features that I included are improved touch controls with swiping, tapping, and long presses. I also included TextToSpeech which is available for both questions and answers at the touch of a button. Users can also add more of their own slides.

Both text to speech and the gestures were hard to attempt to implement from the android documentation. After a sufficient amount of time attempting to struggle through that, both problems where quite easily solved once I found a good example.

I think my app would be best suited for parents who want to create flashcards for their small children. Its easy to use and the text to speech makes it more user friendly for younger children.


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