Feature 5 Post Mortem

I had some trouble at first getting feature 5 to work. Getting the WASD movement keys to work was as simple as setting the keys to different values from keys.h, as shown below. It also shows where I set the elevation of the camera equal to the terrain height.   I also just used the […]

Feature 2 Post Mortem

Overall implementing the terrain generation and height map was not overly difficult. The first problem I came across was editing the ruby file we created in the tutorial, in order to orient the terrain in the same aspect as the camera. The grid value had to be switched to the center in output as well […]

Final Project: Match 3 Game – thompbla

For my final project I originally wanted to create a single screen platforming game. With time I realized it was much more than I anticipated and the game engines that would have made rendering easier seemed ill documented. I finally decided to trash that project and work on a match three game where the goal […]

Final Project – thompbla – Design Document

For my final project I would like to create a simple “Mario Vs” style platforming game. I would like for it to also allow bluetooth multiplayer and possibly a simple high score board. The player will move around with a left/right on screen buttons and use two other buttons to jump and use an ability. […]

Homework 3 – Thompbla

Reddit For Fun For my project I decided to create a simple app that retrieves titles and image links from Reddit using their restful API. The app loads up the top 25 current pictures and allows you to view them in your default browser. The project did not go too great. Its not that grabbing […]

Homework 2 – thompbla

For this assignment I decided to create a simple notepad application. I wanted to create this application because I felt that others were too complex for what I want to use a note/tasklist application for. I used the rattler main view and edit view with slight modification because it was close to what I was […]

Homework 1 – thompbla

The app I created is a flashcard app, especially useful for parents wanting to help younger users.   The app does not currently have a response system. The user is allowed to edit both questions and answers as of now for an easy use flashcard app. It would be simple to allow only editing of answers and […]

CS 491 – Homework 0 – Blaise Thompson

App Name: Dolphin Browser HD Developer Site: http://www.dolphin-browser.com/ New users to Dolphin Browser are not given any introduction into how to use the software, it has a very intuitive interface that is almost exactly like Google Chrome’s interface. The controls are really what makes this app wonderful, it has visual tabs unlike the built in Opera […]