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FISHERJK – Gaussian Pox

February 13, 2015 by . Filed under cs455, postmortems, spring 2015.

bump1 bump2

Thought Process:

My thought process with this assignment was to first start figuring out how the indexing of the RGB channels worked and what a Gaussian Bump meant in this context. I then needed to figure out how to structure this in relation to the PPM file format. After writing the  Image class components and trying to grapple with the main method, I decided that to best represent a Gaussian Bump as its own object with bells and whistles to call its own. From here I was able to abstract away some of the overhead and I could write the remaining functionality to generate bumps, calculate energies, and so on. Once I was content, all I needed to do was clean up the code, define some helper methods, and make pretty colors by normalizing based on rows and columns.


One tricky part of this assignment came with managing the loops and indexing used to keep track of a particular pixel’s energy. Treating a 1-D array as a 2-D array and mapping energies and colors was a little difficult to wrap my head around, but it was the best design choice.   Another component that gave me some grief was the console interaction I added towards the end. At the time I was unaware that I was reusing some leftover macros which caused inconsistent memory access and/or PPM files with missing chunks from a Gaussian bump.