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CS 330 Final

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WEIRC – Sceen

I first almost gave up on this assignment, as I saw that the instruction was soooo short and I have no idea how to do any of the requirements. Luckily, I found out that the environment lab has already incorporated more than half of the things needed for this assignment, so I tried to add […]

schuhaj – Sceen Camping

                    My thought process was…hey, didn’t we already cover all of these concepts in labs?  WE DID!  SWEET!  And then it was a mashing of code together on the environment lab.  I originally wanted to texture each object separately, but when simply texturing them something different […]

Sceen – rogersta

My thought process for this was to first figure out how to add more objects and position them how I wanted, then to add texture. I got textures looking nice on a 2d plane but had a bit of trouble on the 3d objects. The first thing I got working was a cube, although pretty […]

alibraay Madeup

    The first thing that I decided to try and make was a hyper cube. I wasn’t to familiar with how the language worked so I ended up just using a bunch of hardcoded moveto commands. I had some trouble figuring out if the push and pop command worked or if I was just […]

Magnets – rogersta

I had many hurdles to deal with for this assignment, hence it being so late. I fell behind early in the class so I had to spent the majority of the time working on this just learning what I was supposed to already know. I also struggled with getting the right values in the right […]

lavaniaj – Madeup

This is was my first model I made. I started with some swirling effects with dot, then I decided to make it look like fire particles coming off of a moving torch.   A simple treble cleft which I tried messing around the radius of a tube in order to create thickness.     Just […]

gutzmejr- Sceen

This is my scene that I generated, consisting of two planets and a wormhole thingy (which is two objects transformed to line up right). This was a combination of a few things we had done, so I just had to organize them and duplicate a few things. The hardest part was getting all of the […]

CS 330 Lecture 40 – Exit

Agenda what ?s review time Haiku

elwoodld madeup

  My thought process was to make things that no one else had made to the best of my knowledge, that way i can be interesting. I used the tube function a lot as it allowed for nice circular or square for giving things a definite shape. Overall it wasn’t too bad doing these, it […]

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