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Here are my Madeup models: 1. Tornado Alley: 2. Parametric Shapes (based off these shapes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Parametric_equation#/media/File:Param_03.jpg) Thought Process: After reviewing the syntax and the going through the examples on the blog, I experimented with slight variations on the existing examples to get a feel for how Madeup worked under the hood. I played around with the tools […]


    Theme: Since I was going to get knee-deep in blender, I wanted to create objects that were simple enough and unique enough to keep me interested in fine-tuning the littlest details. I decided on a making references to my favorite PlayStation One game: Crash Bandicoot (known for its many crates), and one of […]

FISHERJK – Magnets

Thought process: After translating the pseudo-code, the first thing I needed to do was figure out the relationship between the positions and faces of the magnets. I started off drawing the vertices, calculating the positions of the corners, and then labeling them in a counterclockwise manner to account for the face indices. Once I shipped […]

FISHERJK – Gaussian Pox

Thought Process: My thought process with this assignment was to first start figuring out how the indexing of the RGB channels worked and what a Gaussian Bump meant in this context. I then needed to figure out how to structure this in relation to the PPM file format. After writing the  Image class components and trying to grapple with the […]

FISHERJK – A Not So Great White Shark