CS 491 Lecture 4 – Finishing Mathch, Really


  • what ?s
  • win logic
  • switching between sprites
  • adding sounds (sfxr)


  • Monday is our first lab. This weekend I’ll send out an email with teams.
  • For Wednesday, read up on Transform, vector arithmetic, and Rigidbody. Check out both the manual and the scripting reference on Transform and Rigidbody. On a 1/4 sheet, answer these questions, making sure you try out the answers in Unity:
    • In a script, how do you set the game object’s position to (10, 3, 5)?
    • In a script, how do you push a game object in the direction it’s currently facing with 50 units of force?
    • In a script, how do you rotate a game object 45 degrees around the z axis?




Death threats from parents
My game makes kids violent?
I’ll add GAME OVER


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