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Arcade 0x796 and Platformer

‘space’ to fire, ‘f’ to flip The background used in the platformer was from opengameart, same with character animations, though I did edit them quite a bit…

Office Escape

A top down adventure! If you get stuck, here are some cheats! First, hit “m” and “t” simultaneously to enable cheats. ┬áTo enable/ disable invincibility, hit “i” after enabling the cheats. If you would like to jump to the next level, hit “p” after enabling the cheats. Remember to have fun, and enjoy the haiku […]

Zombie Game

Space Chase – griffits rogersta

Farmin’ Marvin

Game: Twine: COMING SOON

Nick.A: Platformer

CS 491 Lecture 25 – Path Finding

Agenda what ?s breadth first search marking paths greedy search A* TODO Open house next Wednesday at 5 PM! Code … Haiku

CS 491 Lecture 24 – Custom Editors

Agenda what ?s adding a custom editor creating a tilemapper TODO Record 1-minute videos of your games for the achievement Blugolds! Audio is not necessary. I’ll send an email before Friday with details on where to upload them. Code 574f48f Haiku

CS 491 Lecture 23 – Particle Systems

Agenda what ?s rain fire explosion TODO Watch Unity’s particle system live training. On a 1/4 sheet, identity an effect that can be achieved with a particle system and describe how you’d achieve it. Code … Haiku

Cliff Fight

Don’t mind the awful audio…

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