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Prospectus – Thomas, Tim, Mike R

October 5, 2015 by . Filed under fall 2015, gamedev2, postmortems.

  1. We would like our players to have the experience of a comedic top-down adventure game. Our game will cause our players to feel as if they are freeing our protagonist from their boring office life, and helping them towards a more exciting existence. We want our players to be emotionally connected to our protagonist, and to want to help them achieve their goal of exiting the office building safely. We also want them to feel negatively towards the enemies in our game. We will achieve this by putting them in an aggressive fashion against our protagonist.
  2. Surprises in our game will mostly come from variety in items and enemies. We plan to have many items, most of which will be comedic or references, in order to help our player progress and give them a variety of combat options. Our enemies will also vary from floor to floor, which will keep the player on their toes.
  3. We will keep our players curious about what will be at the end of the current floor and what is in store for them for the next floor. As each layout will be different and will contain different items and enemies, players will hopefully be curious as to what the protagonist will experience and how they will progress.
  4. Improved or different items will be the rewards for our player, as they will give our player options as to how they want to progress. These will be of value because they will provide a different combat feel for each different item, and some are better set for different enemies and situations.
  5. Our game tells a story of a protagonist who is unceremoniously glued to their office chair, and must roll out of their office building, which contains characters who are all out to get them and make them stay for the rest of the day. The art will be bright and engaging, creating the feeling of adventure. Some rooms will be darker than the last because more sinister enemies will occupy it. Other levels will have references to popular TV shows and will have a comedic aspect to it.