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You know the excuse you give when you forgot to do your homework “My dog ate my homework”? Well with DogProofing, you’ll never forget another assignment again!


DogProofing lets you enter assignments into it that keeps track of what it is, which class it is for, when it is due and how hard you think it will be.

There are two activities in DogProofing. The main activity is a list view that has each assignment and colored text indicating the assignment difficulty, from green for “Easy Peazy”, to red which represents “cancel all the things!”

The second activity is a combined create / edit activity. It allows you to enter or edit data pulled from the selected activity.

I had difficulty getting the ListView to refresh, I call adapter.notifyDataSetChanged() where I should but it seems the only reliable way is to change the orientation.

As for a cool feature, I implemented a long click listener that give you the option to “Share” the assignment which once clicked will pop up a dialog asking you what email client you want to use to send out the assignment then it populated the Subject and body of the email.

James Felton


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