Getting video data via OpenCV

I was able to get image data out of a .mpg file using the OpenCV Python wrapper. After installing the following: sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-really-bad gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg OpenCV was able to to read the .mpg file form the “CaputreFromFile” function. I then grabbed the frame with “QueryFrame” which returned an iplImage object which has […]

OpenCV + Python

In order to build the display wall, potentially each Pi will need to be able to grab a frame from a video file and display a section of it. So the first step is grabbing and displaying one frame on one Pi. OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) has the capabilities to do this, but it doesn’t […]

Synchronized Drawing

I was tasked with using MPI_Barrier to synchronously draw two triangles on two different raspberry pi boards. I was unsuccessful, but not unproductive. The reason I wasn’t successful is this: When I executed Dr. Johnson’s program, the program would give me the following error: numconfig= c_long(1) Traceback (most recent call last): File “”, line […]

Communication is Key

This past week I was able to get the Raspberry Pi device to communicate with my personal windows computer on my local network, via a simple Python program that I based off of what I found here: I adapted it a little for Python 3.2 and here is what I ended up with: #client example […]

Booting, SSH, GUI and Compiling

Buster – The Beginning Upon receiving the Rasberry PI (B) model from Dr. Johnson 8 days ago I’ve been able to accomplish a few things: Boot Raspian Linux Connect to the network and SSH into the device Boot up and explore the GUI in Raspian Write, compile and run a C hello world program I’ll […]

Final Exam – AlchemyLab – feltonj

If you read my pre-programming write-up, you would know that I’m attempting to solve the problem of wasting ingredients that don’t match each other in Skyrim. Problem solved. AlchemyLab doesn’t have all the features I set out to implement but it is definitely useful for those who want to spend any amount of time in front of […]

Final Project – feltonj – Design Document

For my final project I want to create a utility my fellow nerds will find useful during their adventures in the fictitious land of Skyrim, from The Elder Scrolls series. In the game there is a mechanic that lets you combine two or more different consumable ingredients  with similar properties which results in the creation […]

Homework 3 – feltonj – TwitterBug

Do you ever get the feeling to dance whenever you read twitter, just boogey-down and perhaps do the “jitter-bug” well, good news for you I created the “TwitterBug” app for your android device! Here is what my app does: Retrieves tweets from twitter based on a search. The default search is “day9tv”. Allows you to […]

Homework 2 – feltonj

You know the excuse you give when you forgot to do your homework “My dog ate my homework”? Well with DogProofing, you’ll never forget another assignment again!       DogProofing lets you enter assignments into it that keeps track of what it is, which class it is for, when it is due and how […]

Homework 1 – feltonj

Never again buy flash cards! FeltonFlash, brought to you by yours truly James Felton, allow you to create your own piles of flash-cards and it carry them with you right in your pocket! This is the main activity of the application. It displays the name of the pile (top left) the title of the flash […]