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CS 318 Project – Final Presentation – due on May 18

Your final in this course is to finalize your project, reflect on it, and present a demonstration of your work during the final exam period.

Task 1: Finalize

Copy your prototype2 folder to a folder named final in your GitHub project. Make any changes based on the second round of peer reviews.

Present this final version to your client and get feedback as soon as possible.

Task 2: Reflect

Prepare a one- or two-page reflection that answers the following questions:

  1. What did you do to address the comments given during the peer review sessions?
  2. What would you do differently if given a similar task of building a website in the future?
  3. What will you take away from this course? What have you learned? Negative takeaways are welcomed. (A healthy human possesses a mix of emotions.)
  4. What feedback did you get from your client on the final version?

Turn a paper copy of this reflection in at the beginning of the final exam period.

Task 3: Present

During the final exam time, give a 3- to 4-minute lightning presentation of your site. That’s not a lot of time. Your peers and instructor will evaluate your presentation on these criteria:

  • the client and the client’s needs are clearly described
  • the purpose and interesting features of each page are discussed
  • the content is presented professionally
  • the speaker communicates with eye contact and clear language
  • the presentation uses the time effectively

In general, you should style your presentation as if you were being considered for employment by a company composed of your classmates. You are demonstrating your portfolio to us. Tell us a story about your experience building a site for your client.


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