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Landing in the Credits: Stories from Game Makers

December 9, 2017 by . Filed under public, talks.

I’ve been asked to serve on a panel at a GEEKCon that some folks at my university are putting on. The title is Landing in the Credits, and the panelists are students and alumni who have built games. I share here some notes on my contributions as moderator.

Here we are at GEEKCon 2017 celebrating things that don’t quite make sense in this world. The things that our parents could never understand. The things they said wouldn’t get us more friends or a better job. GEEKCon is a celebration of being irrational with our time and energy, and finding that perhaps our parents were wrong.

Today we get to hear from five individuals who have spent an irrational amount of time and energy on video games. Not just playing them, but building them. They have landed in the credits.

Allow me to introduce them, and then we’ll dive into some questions:

Audience members, at any time during the talk, I invite you to submit questions to the panel by texting them to 715-###-####. Or politely shouting them out.

Here are the questions I will ask our panelists: