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Homework 2 – wettstaj

Guess All The Megaman Bosses!

This app was going to be really cool if i could have finished it. The basic idea was that, when you type in a word, it would search a premade database for the list of bosses. Every time you typed in a correct boss it would populate a text field with the boss and once you finished, or the time ran out, it would stop and give you a percentage correct and send you back to the main screen. I got so focused on trying to create a database that i forgot to worry about everything else and eventually ran out of time. I think i was trying to get to far ahead of myself and underestimated the amount of time i had to finish.

The thing that i focused on the most, as i said, was actually getting a database populated a different way then writing them in as we did in class with just a static XML file. Then i just tried to hard code it, but that wasn’t working either.


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