Final Project: Virtual Baby – wettstaj

The application i build is called “Virtual Baby” and it is exactly as it sounds like it is. It is a simulation of a baby on your phone. Although this project isnt fully complete, it is working properly and I would like to continue working on it in the future. Basically, i just need to […]

Final Project Statement – wettstaj

My final project is going to be an app that i have worked on in the past for a company i was working with this past summer called Realityworks here in town. The app is loosely called virtual baby and is suppose to be a simulation of their Real Care Baby. This app is suppose […]

Homework 3 – wettstaj

Wow Insider RSS Simulator                  I am proud to announce that i have finished my app! So basically, this app was designed to be like an RSS feed simulator for a website that i often like to visit (Wow Insider). However, i really hate that the page only shows a few articles, and wanted to […]

Homework 2 – wettstaj

Guess All The Megaman Bosses! This app was going to be really cool if i could have finished it. The basic idea was that, when you type in a word, it would search a premade database for the list of bosses. Every time you typed in a correct boss it would populate a text field […]

Homework 1 – wettstaj

WHO’S THAT POKEMON? That’s right boys and girl, the moment has finally come. Finally an app that lets you guess and memorize all the names of your favorite pokemon. Actually, its not that great yet. But for what it is i think it works pretty slick and simple and if off to a good start. […]

Homework 0 – wettstaj

World of Warcraft Mobile Armory Blizzard Entertainment iOS/Android     Discussion: I actually have this app so I know how it works, but I remember being pretty overwhelmed by the interface at first. In no time i was able to figure it out and i use it all the time. There are 12 buttons on the […]