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Final Project Statement – wettstaj

My final project is going to be an app that i have worked on in the past for a company i was working with this past summer called Realityworks here in town. The app is loosely called virtual baby and is suppose to be a simulation of their Real Care Baby. This app is suppose to use the phone as if it were an actual baby. For instance, if you shake the phone too hard, your virtual baby will cry and you will need to comfort it. If you do not comfort the baby in time you will lose point.

he app was initially supposed to be a prototype to see if they wanted to follow through with the app. I am going to make a few additions to the structure of the program. Basically i want to bring the app closer to more efficiency. Currently the app just shows the baby blinking and cries on times specified by me for no reason. I would like to find a better way to implement the crying event and make the face of the baby change from normal as it look below to crying.

The interface of this app is fairly simple to allow an ease of use. Most of the functionality is all being the app in services and event handlers.

On the left is the main interface and on the right is the rock activity that appears when the button is pressed.



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