Project 5: Skeletal

In this project, you will explore skeletal animation and the popular 3D graphics API THREE.js. The requirements are intentionally open-ended so that you can direct your learning in ways you want it to go.


To receive credit for this project, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Create your project in a folder named skeletal in the single Git repository that you are using for all your projects.
  • Learn about modeling and skeletal animation in Blender (or another modeling program) through tutorials of your choosing.
  • Create one or more 3D models with armatures and bones so that you have at least three animations. The animations should be distinct from each other, not a dog walking, a cat walking, and a skunk walking. The complexity of the animations is not specified, but they must exhibit some investment on your part. An arm flapping up and down is unlikely to qualify.
  • Investigate THREE.js and its facilities for loading animated models.
  • Load your animated models in a scene rendered by THREE.js. Trigger the animations on user input or through your own choreography.
  • Share in #gallery a link to a screencast in which you walk through the terrain and collect the objects. Host your screencast on a streaming service like YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Your code must be cleanly formatted, the variable names must be meaningful, and comments should explain non-obvious code.
  • Your Git log should reveal a steady pattern of commits. In general, you should commit and push after every work session.


When you have completed all requirements, push your code to your remote repository and send your instructor a direct message on Slack to schedule a 10-minute review. Only one project can be granted credit each week. Plan accordingly.


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