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Spheero Design Document – Morrissp, Petersat, Zirnheldj

Overview Our goal for this final is to turn the Spheero into a sort-of pet dog, making him follow around while we walk. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope, we will make the Spheero follow a person using their phone(their phone in their hand) . We plan on having two screens – one to connect to […]


For this project I designed a new Droid character for the game League of Legends. In the game, each character generally fills a  certain role. The roles are Assassin/Semi-Carry, Pusher, Tank/Initiator, Hard Carry, and Support. Without going too far into it, the character I designed is a Support. Support characters are meant to help the […]

Persist – Morrissp

The purpose of this app is to be a workout log. The app makes a “workout” with a description, length of the workout,average heart rate, and the date of when the workout was created, then submits it to a local database.  It uses separate activities for displaying workouts and submitting one. The app can be improved by using […]

UandI – Morrissp

This app is made to be an order form and log book. I used buttons, Textviews’ for labels, Edittexts’ for inputs, and also included a set of radio buttons. For my main activity i used a vertical linear layout with many horizontal linear layouts on it, which was simple and easy but tedious. I included […]

TODO: Morrissp

I read the Syllabus! Five apps that i’d like to know how to make are: 1. A game using a physics engine like stacking or explosions. 2. An app that searches the web or uses another app. 3. An app that uses voice recognition. 4. An app that uses the camera. 5. An app that […]