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Madeup rileyrj

Creating models was a lot more challenging for me then I originally thought. I figured I’d start with something simple and just try to make a simple spiral. After awhile I was able to get somewhat what I desired. In the future I would definitely take more of a plan first approach before I started […]

Robby’s Magnets

I started this assignment by just getting the magnets drawn using one rectangle array using transformation matrices which went smoothly. I knew at this point I should probably use the magnet center point to base all my drawings off of but decided to push forward with implementing the click drag functionality and the right click […]

Robby’s Gaussian Pox

For this assignment my thought process started by just getting the implementation of the Image class all sorted out. After that I moved into the actually application of the Image class using the Guassian Pox function in order to calculate our energy. After reading that carefully and being confident I understood what the end goal […]

Santa Hat