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CS 491 Lecture 7 – List Views

Agenda single letter domain names list views two letter domain name app in iOS and Android TODO Read up on Android’s Intent mechanism at http://www.vogella.com/articles/AndroidIntent/article.html. 1/4 sheet. Mobile User Interface Code ViewController.m activity_main.xml MainActivity.java Haiku

CS 491 Lecture 6 – Group Time

Agenda group time TODO Skim Apple’s table view documentation. Skim a tutorial on Android’s ListView. 1/4 sheet. Hash Out Does someone want to be the iOS person? The Android person? The database person? The server person? The manager? Do we want to share roles? How can we ensure everyone knows what’s going on? What project […]

CS 491 Lecture 5 – Easier GUIs and Callbacks

Agenda the GUI development algorithm ClickAndSee on iOS ClickAndSee on Android TODO Read sections Overview, Layouts, Input Controls, and Input Events in the Android documentation. Read Apple’s UI element documentation. 1/4 sheet. Code ViewController.m AndroidManifest.xml activity_main.xml MainActivity.java Haiku

CS 491 Lecture 4 – DroidPopper

Agenda Droid Popper views and activities configuration-sensitive resources multitouch media player Code PopperView.java MainActivity.java main.xml AndroidManifest.xml Haiku

CS 491 Lecture 3 – iPopper cont’d

Agenda groups modeling the bubbles redrawing handling touches multitouch audio NSMutableArray properties Code PopperView.m Haiku

CS 491 Lecture 2 – iPopper

Agenda role call view vs. model vs. controller event loop and delegation a first iOS app (resources) TODO Read Apple’s Objective-C primer. Read up on the various free project hosting services. Which do you think is best for your group? Why? What software will you need to manage your project? Based on your investigation, write […]

CS 491 Lecture 1 – Hi

Agenda introductions course information trivia social network project Who are you? Name? What place do you call home? What was one the first programs you wrote that you were proud of? What do you want to learn or become good at, that has nothing to do with computers? TODO Read the syllabus. Draw a caricature […]

CS 491 Project – Acknet

See PDF.

CS 491 – Mobile Software Development

Information Syllabus Enrollment: 20 Lecture Homework Post mortems

SpheroDraw – Luke Mehring, Andy Hurd, Travis Boettcher

Group: Andy Hurd, Travis Boettcher, Luke Mehring   For our final we created a Sphero app the allows the user to draw a shape/design on the screen and the Sphero will move on the ground in the pattern the user drew.  We also added the functionality to save a pattern you drew on the screen.  Once the […]

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