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Honors 104.502 Lecture 20 – Hello, 3D Modeling

Agenda what ?s making models in Blender TODO Watch lesson 1 of the Blender 3D Design Course. (I installed the Chrome plugin Video Speed Controller to make Vimeo videos play faster.) For a 1/4 sheet, create a model of something. Email or print an image. On Wednesday night at 7 PM, I am giving a […]

Honors 104.502 Lab 6 – Terrain

Lab Today we’re going to make a terrain, replete with walking paths, vegetation, and teleporters! Checkpoint 1 Person A is at the helm. Add a terrain game object. Import the Environment and Characters asset packages. Use the Raise/Lower Terrain tool to sculpt your landscape. Keep this general design principle in mind: start with the large, […]

Rainy Day Platformer


College: The Game

. Hop around on all the dorms and buildings at Eau Claire to earn credits (in the form of coins) towards your degree! You have to collect 120 credits and then proceed to the end of the level to find your diploma and graduate. Watch out for things that could ruin your chances of graduating such […]

This is a Platformer

Honors 104.502 Lecture 19 – Terrain and First-person Controller

Agenda what ?s model this on to 3D terrain custom first-person controller: strafing advancing adjusting height mouse rotation TODO Watch Unity’s Introduction to Heightmaps Live Training. On a 1/4 sheet, write down 2-3 questions or observations or plans for your final project. (The final project will be a 3D game. Are there particular things you’d […]

グーグルは、蒸気波を翻訳します – a 2D PLATFORMER

グーグルは、蒸気波を翻訳します https://jackiscool.itch.io/vapeywave   <iframe src=”https://itch.io/embed/61309″ width=”552″ height=”167″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>   jack lazowski

Fur’s “Fun” Adventure

Enjoy this game right here. WARNING – Buggy jumping animation, needs fixing. Other than that, enjoy!

Cheetah Chaser: A poem by Matthew Bergs

If you’re out and in High Spirits, And ya throat feels coated in mace-ah, There’s naught a better feeling than a speedy Cheetah Chaser! (Oh Heidi heidi heidi heidi heidi heidi hie!) But seriously, This is my game. Left and Right to move left and right, and space to jump. Good luck!  

The Impossible Dream – Joe Krause

No music yet but otherwise it’s good! Multiple difficulty levels!

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