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Cow Platformer Game

A simple platformer game, avoid spikes and the UFO’s. Collect coins and reach the end of the level! Good luck https://jake906.itch.io/cow-platformer-?secret=jc6Yn3JvANO91ortQmz5XSEaA            

Forest Quest


Save the Princess


Jumpy Platform Game

Totally not a less-awesome Doodle Jump rip-off.

Song of the Cucco

Play here (Safari or Firefox only) Game by Katie Theisen and Rachel Ross

Fluorescent Shadows

Here’s my platformer! Instructions in game.

Honors 104.502 Lecture 17 – Bombs

Agenda what ?s obstacles in games a wall of blocks bomb mechanic point effector multiple colliders droppable prefab Code 52d8168

Honors 104.502 Lecture 16 – Parallax

Agenda what ?s what makes us see depth? moving backgrounds sprites vs. textures texture coordinates mapping player position to texture coordinate background and midground Code caef902

Get to the Game Platformer

Here is my game! Controls are presented in game.  

Honors 104.502 Lecture 15 – Collecting Coins and Effectors

Agenda what ?s Note Code b4a938c

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