Raspbian ‘Install’ and Networking Fun — the Long Overdue Post

The Install Since James has already covered imaging the a SD card with Raspian from windows, I won’t go into my failed attempt at doing the same… Instead, I’ll do a quick walk through of the process from OS X. The process is fairly straight forward as I was following along to the Easy SD […]

Buster minutes from 2012/09/20

Peter had time to do things this week! He’ll post the details. What’s the IP address change policy at UWEC? It’d be nice to know, though we’ll probably create our own naming scheme on our own network. (James) Eric bought his own board—and was given a 3-month wait. Can we get Bluetooth devices working with […]

Communication is Key

This past week I was able to get the Raspberry Pi device to communicate with my personal windows computer on my local network, via a simple Python program that I based off of what I found here: http://ilab.cs.byu.edu/python/socket/echoserver.html I adapted it a little for Python 3.2 and here is what I ended up with: #client example […]

Raspberry Pi + OpenGL ES

OpenGL ES works on the Raspberry Pi! How did I do it? Well, I… Grabbed vim with sudo apt-get install vim. Grabbed my ~/.vimrc. Calmed down. Looked in /opt/vc/src and built and ran the examples there. Braced myself to plow through the EGL junk. Found pyopengles and downloaded it on my Raspberry Pi. Thanks, Mr. Divaz. […]

Buster minutes from 2012/09/13

We are not the first. Should we do something different (not a cluster)? Peter says yes. Display wall. Chris says cluster + display wall. “Our goal was secondarily the product. Our primary goal was a repeatable process for building a cluster for a classroom on the cheap.” Chris really didn’t say that at the meeting, […]

Booting, SSH, GUI and Compiling

Buster – The Beginning Upon receiving the Rasberry PI (B) model from Dr. Johnson 8 days ago I’ve been able to accomplish a few things: Boot Raspian Linux Connect to the network and SSH into the device Boot up and explore the GUI in Raspian Write, compile and run a C hello world program I’ll […]

Buster minutes from 2012/09/06

James got his device up an running. It clicked along speedily. Eric is only taking 7 credits this semester. Peter taught us how to shutdown. Quitting X still leaves us at a command prompt. Eric and electricity are like this. First goal: create an OpenGL/GLSL sandbox like http://glsl.heroku.com. Second goal: install PBS. Peter says Condor instead. […]

Turning off the Raspberry Pi

Now that we have some of the Raspberry Pi’s up and running, we are playing with some of the installed games and poking around the system. One thing that confused us was how to turn off the RPI. Just yanking the power cord from a computer is a very bad idea; you should always properly […]

Gathering hardware

Our Raspberry Pi boards don’t do anything yet. We need some accessories. This afternoon, Peter taught me everything he knows about hardware, and we ordered these things to build our bramble: CyberPower CP-H720P High-speed Hub. We wanted something like this to provide a central power source that can plug into a standard outlet. Seven boards […]