Plotting samples with GNU Octave

Suppose we have a plain text file of samples named samples.txt, with each intensity on its own line: We can visualize these results in GNU Octave with: If we write this code in a script named plot_samples.m, we can simply run plot_samples at the Octave command-line.

Otolith Threshold and GUI

Winston and I made progress on thresholding the images and getting user input. The currently committed version takes in a (hard coded) image path and displays the image with a binary threshold, with a check value of 90. In the GUI, there is a slider that allows the user to change the check value to […]

Canny Algorithm edge detection

Last week I started reading sections of the OpenCV book given to me by Professor Johnson and Stevenson. The sections I read with had to deal with edge detection and gray scaling (required for the Canny Algorithm). I expanded upon my previous code for loading in an image to do this.   // OpenCVConfiguration.cpp : Defines the entry […]

Project configuration

While waiting to hear back from ORSP, we are taking the time to find a sustainable solution for managing our project across multiple platforms and machines. We really want to share code without emailing it. We also want to avoid fiddling with Visual Studio as much as possible. For this, we’ve chosen to use TortoiseSVN […]

OpenCV Set Up

After several tutorial tries, I was able to install it successfully on windows with the same tutorial install of OpenCV that Corey used. The step by step process is listed in the following link: I then started to play around with the libraries. I was able to load in an image to a window.   // OpenCVConfiguration.cpp : Defines the entry point for […]

Installing OpenCV on Linux

I was able to get OpenCV installed without too much trouble on my Ubuntu Linux machine. A simple did the trick. I tested the installation by writing a short C program to pop up an image: To test video playback and webcam capturing, I wrote another little program to play a video frame-by-frame: I compiled […]