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OpenCV Set Up

After several tutorial tries, I was able to install it successfully on windows with the same tutorial install of OpenCV that Corey used. The step by step process is listed in the following link:  http://siddhantahuja.wordpress.com/2011/07/18/getting-started-with-opencv-2-3-in-microsoft-visual-studio-2010-in-windows-7-64-bit/ I then started to play around with the libraries. I was able to load in an image to a window.   // OpenCVConfiguration.cpp : Defines the entry point for […]

Voice recognition sans dialog box

Android provides a nice speech recognition system. Many examples show how you can push out an ACTION_RECOGNIZE_SPEECH intent to trigger an Activity that shows the listening status on a big dialog box. I wanted speech recognition without the dialog box and was able to do so with the following code: The XML layout defines a […]

Installing OpenCV on Linux

I was able to get OpenCV installed without too much trouble on my Ubuntu Linux machine. A simple did the trick. I tested the installation by writing a short C program to pop up an image: To test video playback and webcam capturing, I wrote another little program to play a video frame-by-frame: I compiled […]