CS1: Lecture 27 – BufferedImage

Dear students, In homeworks 4 and 5, we work with images. Loops are a natural companion to images, which are large collections of indexed data that we are not even tempted to process without loops. The general pattern of visiting all pixels of an image is this: for (int r = 0; r < image.getHeight(); […]

CS 145 Lab 8 – Spinner

Welcome to lab 8! Our goal in this lab is to continue our discussion of loops, but also get some more practice with images and the GifSequenceWriter that you are using in homework 4. Because we’re going to use some code that I’ve provided to you in the homework 4 SpecChecker, you’ll need to complete […]

CS1: Lecture 26 – Looping Patterns

Dear students, So far we’ve used loops to traverse 1D spaces: the number line, files, and a sequence of random events like coin flipping. Today we bust out into 2D spaces, traversing images and other Cartesian grids. Nesting Loops To transition to our next concept, let’s write a program to mimic the activity we see […]