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Digital Musical Instrument Design

Welcome to Digital Musical Instrument Design, one of the courses at the 2018 Summer Computer Science Institute at Carleton College. This page contains all the course notes and exercises that you will need throughout the week.

I am still in the process of assembling the course materials, so this page is incomplete.

Day 1

On this day we introduce the notion of a sound wave, and we see how the frequency of these waves accounts for the different pitches we hear. Using Pure Data and Arduino, we build our first instrument, which uses a potentiometer to control the emitted frequency and sounds like a slide whistle. We eventually abandon the physical description of sound in favor of MIDI, and we adapt our instrument to send messages to a MIDI controller.

  1. Oscillating
  2. Seeing Waveforms
  3. Tiangle, Part I
  4. Tiangle, Part II
  5. Tiangle, Part III
  6. Midiometer
  7. Extra: Hot vs. Cold Inlets

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


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