Mobile Web-Cameron Bjorklund

So for my Mobile Web assignment…. I had no more creativity left in my brain after the other mobile assignments, so as a warning, my mobile web assignment is super simple. When you load up my app, the user is greeted with an instruction page (dialogue page) that tells them to click the “take a […]

Cameron Bjorklund – WebAPI

In my webapi application, a user can type in a music artists name, and my app will than reach out to the internet and pull that artists top 10 tracks ever recorded and place them in a listview. My app uses The application sends an artist to this URL,, and is returned with the […]

Cameron Bjorklund – Persist

My app is designed for two people (maybe a significant other) living together and want to keep count on each others costs so that they remain even.  Basically, after you are done shopping for mutual groceries, or maybe you share a car and you bought the gas, you add that to the database. Whenever you want to […]

Cameron Bjorklund -NoGramming

For my “NoGramming Assignment” I have decided to present a small collection of haikus (inspired by Dr. Johnson).   –Enjoy!   Machines learn from me they cannot do it alone I am thier ruler   Java is my friend it hides most of the hard stuff ignorance is bliss   Mobile computing a new age of […]

U and I -Cameron Bjorklund

  For the U and I assignment I have created an app that will aid in counting your Cribbage hand. For those of you un-familiar with the card game Cribbage, there is a point in the game where you end up with a “5 card hand” (4 cards in your hand but a special card […]

TODO – Cameron Bjorklund

I read the syllabus!   1. I would really like to know how to create some kind of game that 2 (or more?) players can share some sort of “game board” and alter it in real time and the other player would be able to see the updates. The specific one I have in mind […]