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Stopwatch post/pre mortem

Jake Mehring Vadim Iljin Pre/Post Mortem   The stopwatch app, is an app that allows users to set/stop a timer, and get weather for their current location. Most timer apps are boring, we spiced ours up with Pictures of cats.  This app also has a lot of different ways that you can stop the app, […]

IOU Postmortem

A few of interesting challenges I had to deal with were firstly, I made my database really slow by not having only one instance of the data manager. I had to refactor my code so it was faster. I also had some trouble testing some of my features mainly the send text message function because […]

IOU premortem

This is an app that will keep track of who owes you money and why they owe you money or vice versa.  The main page will be a list view with peoples names. The app will be able to link a person to a contact/pull contact data. It will have preferences. I am also going […]