F1 Carissa

Although this was a fairly simple feature to implement, I did run into a few weird problems. For instance, when I first had made the item in Blender and exported it, it was only showing the top view, not the front view. To fix this, I switched around the x, y and z coordinates in […]


For the final project, I had decided to implement the game of pong. Whoever gets a score of 10 first wins! I implemented this game with the idea that one would want to play against the computer, not another person. For this reason, I made a fairly simple method that made the Phone’s paddle follow […]


For the final project, I decided to create Pong. I plan to have a Game Activity, a View that will extend SurfaceView and implements the SurfaceHolder.callback.  My overall goal is to make Pong in a very simplistic way (nothing too fancy..), and if all goes well, perhaps researching into animation for the game (I feel animation is […]


For Homework 3, I had decided to take the first few texts from TFLN and show them on my application.  To get the texts, I parsed the HTML that I had pulled from the homepage of the website. Because the website updates on its own, each time you open the application, you will get the […]

Homework 2– stackhcj

For this homework, I decided to make an application that recorded the distance you (or rather your phone) has gone using the GPS function on the phone. I had originally made this application with the idea of the user using it to track the amount of time it takes them to run a certain distance. […]

Homework 1– stackhcj

I chose to make a vocabulary application. This application has 10 random words stored and it gives you their definition. Your job is to choose which definition is the correct one.   If you decide that you do not want to guess the current word definition, you may skip on to the next definition by pressing […]

Homework 0– App Review for Paper Toss

    App Name: Paper Toss Developer: Backflip Studios Inc Website: http://www.backflipstudios.com/ This game, though simple, can be very addicting. The idea behind this application is very simple. You have a rolled up piece of paper, and you need to throw it in the garbage and you want to see how many times you can […]