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CS 145 Lab 3 – Using objects

Prelab Complete Self-check 3.14 on the Practice-It website before 8 AM on February 6. Introduction Our variables aren’t just simple numbers anymore. We’ve got complex objects like String and Scanner at our disposal. Today we’ll get more practice at using objects that others have made available. Reminder: Be sure to get your checkpoints from lab […]

CS 145 Lab 2

This lab builds on your readings and lecture discussion of variables and arithmetic operators. We’ll also see two new types, Scanner and String. Before you get started: Load the workspace you made last lab. It should be H:\workspace drive — not on C:. Make a new package named lab2 in your cs145 project. Plea The […]

CS 145 Lab 1

Welcome CS 145 is a class where you learn to teach machines. You won’t just use them. You’re going to become a developer. Unlike the natural and social sciences, computer science and programming are not topics addressed in many of our schools. Let’s take a moment to describe what we computer scientists do with each […]

CS 145 Lab 10

Reminder Show your TA or instructor your completed checkpoints from the last lab in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Object-orientation As we’ve seen in lecture, objects are the marriage of data (instance variables, declared at the class level) and methods. Up until now, our programming has been action- or procedure-oriented. We wrote methods […]

CS 145 Lab 9

Reminder Show your completed lab 8 checkpoints to your TA or instructor in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Checkpoint 1 One of the steps to mastery of a subject is to formulate your own questions. So, for your first checkpoint, please write three questions, one on each of the following topics: logical operators […]

CS 145 Lab 8

Reminder Show your instructor or TA your already completed checkpoints from lab 7 in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Arrays As discussed in class and in your textbook, arrays are simply number collections of data. We can have arrays of primitives and we can have arrays of objects. Making an array looks similar […]

CS 145 Lab 7

Reminder Show your completed lab 6 checkpoints to your instructor or TA in the first 20 minutes of this lab. All code for this lab should go in a package named lab7. Cards Each of today’s problems involves a deck of cards. Though we use card terminology, you do not need to have ever touched […]

CS 145 Lab 6

Reminder Please submit your completed lab 5 checkpoints in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Logical operators In lecture we’ve explored the logical operators &&, ||, and !. These operators are as important to a programmer as a screwdriver and hammer are to a mechanic. Do whatever you can to learn their use. Like […]

CS 145 Lab 5

Reminder Submit your already completed checkpoints from lab 4 in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Lab will not be held on October 12 to give you time to study and because your instructor is out of town. Submit any unfinished checkpoints from lab 5 on October 19. Hurdles When you’re first learning to […]

CS 145 Lab 4

Last lab we looked at methods. Grasping this idea of pushing out sequences of instructions to these standalone “subprograms” is of utmost importance to your proper understanding of computer science and programming. It’s so important that this week’s lab does not introduce any new topics. Please take the time to ask questions and resolve any […]

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