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CS 491 Lecture 2 – Blendering

Agenda what ?s Blender interface review reverse engineering TODO Watch CGCookie’s Unity Basics. On a 1/4 sheet, answer the following questions: I have a Game Object that I want to focus on in the scene editor. What keyboard/mouse actions do I take to zoom in on it? We learned in the videos that Game Objects […]

Honors 104.502 Lecture 2 – Making Objects

Agenda what ?s design this modeling as a group TODO Read the Madeup documentation. Write a Madeup program (accessible at madeup.xyz) to create some kind of container or bowl. You’ll need a modern browser, one that supports WebGL. Instead of a 1/4 sheet, email me a screenshot of the Madeup editor and 3D canvas showing your […]

CS 330 Lecture 2 – Shell Scripting

Agenda what ?s mass programming zip a directory to directory.zip run a C source file safe rm top10 big files bookmark a directory upload file to www share directory re-extension TODO Read Shell Programming with Bash. On a 1/4 sheet, write some shell command lines to accomplish the following tasks. Be sure to consult man […]

CS 491 Lecture 1 – Hello, 3D

Agenda what ?s about me you the course trivia fun TODO Install Unity3D and Blender. Read the syllabus. Watch lesson 1 of the Blender 3D Design Course. (I installed the Chrome plugin Video Speed Controller to make Vimeo videos play faster.) Write down 2-3 questions or observations about Blender, 3D modeling, or the course in general […]

Honors 104.502 Lecture 1 – Hello, Code

Agenda what ?s about me you this class design this programming in Madeup TODO Before next class: Install Unity3D. Read the introduction through chapter 2 in your book. Write down 2-3 observations from your reading on a 1/4 sheet of paper. These are open-ended and needn’t be lengthy. I will assign these 1/4 sheets frequently, […]

CS 330 Lecture 1 – Hello, Shell

Agenda what ?s about.. me you this class questions shell exercises TODO Before next class: Read the syllabus. Set up a Bitbucket account and make your homework repository, described below. Cut a piece of paper in half vertically. Cut the two strips in half again, horizontally. On one of these 1/4 sheets of paper, write down […]

CS 491 – 3D Game Development

Course Information Syllabus Enrollment: 27 Lecture Homework Student Gallery

Honors 104.502 – Game Development

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CS 330 – Programming Languages

Course Information Syllabus Enrollment: 24 Lecture Homework Exams