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CS 318: Project Site Test and Sitemap – due on March 5

Your next task in the semester project comes in two pieces: Conduct user studies on several existing websites similar to the one you will design. Compose a sitemap to describe the overall architecture of your site. We describe each of these in turn. Task 1: Comparable Site Test Identify¬†and familiarize yourself with three existing websites […]

CS 318: WordPress for February

A lot of the world saves time and energy by using a content management system (CMS). These systems allow users that don’t know much about HTML and CSS to still produce beautiful websites. The most frequently used CMS is WordPress, which is responsible for 30% of the web. It accounts for 60% of the CMS […]

CS 318: Project Proposal – due on February 14

In this class, you are asked to apply what you’re learning by building a website for a client. The project is broken down into a series of milestones. The first milestone is to find a client and formally propose your project. Complete the following tasks to achieve this milestone. Task 1: Choose a Client Find […]

CS 491: Project Milestones

This semester you and your team will be dropped into a box. Calories will be dropped in one side of the box, and a game will pop out the other. To help structure your progress, your box is actually expected to pop out four versions of your game in various stages of completion. These milestones […]