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CS 491 Lab 8 – Game Jam

Today we’re going to have a little game jam. A game jam is an event where people rapidly develop a game in a short amount of time. These game jams often have a theme, since creativity loves nothing better than constraint. Ours too will have a theme. So here’s your task: Make a game in […]

Bruce and Ben’s Biggest Battle

Galaga Clone

  I have not gotten the highscore table to work yet. The levels do advance in difficulty, but there is no text that shows what level you are currently on or how many lives you have left.

Pacman – WEIRC

<iframe src=”//itch.io/embed/41505″ width=”552″ height=”167″ frameborder=”0″></iframe> I tried for more than half an hour, I simply could not get the widget to display, when I tried to edit in the Text mode, the iframe code is just gona when I click Update. I gave up, below is a link: http://xiaotang923.itch.io/pacman?secret=ZTDkRcy9SbIBK9YNs6w1JhMP6kg Arrow keys to move

CS 145 Homework 5 – due before November 13

See the PDF.

albrignj Arcade

Use the arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot. Use the enemy on the top to get the game over screen.