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Game: Twine: COMING SOON


Over Thanksgiving I added per-vertex coloring to Madeup. No longer are we bound to a single color for the entire model! To celebrate, I fused together a benzene ring.  

CS 145 Lecture 41 – Sequencer

Agenda what ?s a sequencer with JMusic enums variable-length argument lists TODO Finish homework 7. If you qualified for the mercy bounty, email me when you finish the other assignments. The final exam is Thursday at 10 in our regular lecture hall (Hibbard 100). The exam is on paper. Bring only a pencil. No books, […]

CS 491 Lecture 25 – Path Finding

Agenda what ?s breadth first search marking paths greedy search A* TODO Open house next Wednesday at 5 PM! Code … Haiku

CS 145 Lecture 40 – Volume Slicer

Agenda what ?s definitions of OOP more population queries a volume slicer TODO For an extra credit 1/4 sheet to be turned in Friday: compose a headline (as found in a newspaper or on Buzzfeed) to summarize your learning this semester. Note Object-oriented programming has its roots in languages like Simula, a language designed in Norway during the 1960s. […]

CS 491 Lecture 24 – Custom Editors

Agenda what ?s adding a custom editor creating a tilemapper TODO Record 1-minute videos of your games for the achievement Blugolds! Audio is not necessary. I’ll send an email before Friday with details on where to upload them. Code 574f48f Haiku

CS 145 Lecture 39 – Data Analysis

Agenda what ?s making a program runnable definitions of OOP country population analysis TODO For a participation point, prepare a quiz question to share before tomorrow’s quiz. Topics we’ve covered since the last quiz all fall under the umbrella of objects. Note First we’ll look at making our Clickture application runnable. As a software developer, you become very […]

Madeup Snippets: Build your own Circle Wedge and Clock

Build your own circle wedge in Madeup using this simple algorithm. By adjusting the given parameters you can tweak the total number of sides the circle will have, the number of sides you want to construct, and the radius (size) of the circle. Next up, code for building your own clock in Madeup! Simply pass […]

CS 145 Lecture 38 – Slideshow

Agenda what ?s program this slideshow application TODO Read Isaac Asimov’s short story The Feeling of Power. On a 1/4 sheet for Monday, share your reaction, observations, amens, and ahems. Note Today we’ll get a working slideshow application running. But first, let’s have a little Program This: Suppose you are a chemist. With a neighbor, design an […]