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Feature 10 Post Mortem

Drawing billboards in my scene wasn’t terribly hard. The hardest part was finding an image I wanted to use and loading it in properly. I needed transparency for my grass images, so I had to export the image from Gimp as a C file. I also had to shrink down the image’s size so Visual […]

Feature 7 Post Mortem

Adding fog to my scene was one of the easier additions to my walkabout scene that I’ve done thus far. I got it to work on more or less my first try, although there was a lot of tweaking to be had after that. After watching the video on fog, I decided that I wanted […]

Feature 8 Post Mortem

Before I begin describing this feature, I’d like to note that I caught a mistake involving my water. After hearing other people talk about it, I realized that the reflection on my water wasn’t changing as the camera moved. After a few attempts, I managed to fix it, and now my water reflects different skybox […]

Feature 4 Post Mortem

Adding a skybox to my scene was one of the simpler tasks I’ve done, although I had a couple problems. One was purely a human mistake, and the other I can’t really explain but I eventually worked around it. To start, I created a cube obj and a cube_map texture and linked them together with […]

Feature 6 Post Mortem

Generating water for my walkabout wasn’t difficult, as most of the process involved following Dr. Johnson’s video, but there was one change I had to make that stumped me for a while. My water is simply a 2-dimensional plane that I sized so that it would fill one of the lower parts of my terrain. […]

Feature 3 Post Mortem

Shading the objects in my scene wasn’t difficult, but it took me a while to perfect. To start, I initialized the three different ShaderPrograms in my scene so I can set each individual shader to one of these three later. My three programs are for diffuse lighting, specular lighting, and my terrain. After doing this, I simply applied […]

Feature 1 Post Mortem

To load OBJ meshes into my scene, I didn’t change too much from the examples in the videos. I used the same function in ObjUtilities to load them in, and I used arrays of VertexAttributes, ShaderPrograms, and VertexArrays to store the different objects. Before I set the individual elements of the arrays, I initialized all […]

Feature 5 Post Mortem

Adding a camera to my terrain came pretty quickly after I generated my terrain, but it took me a while to iron out all the bugs. I also feel like I went at the problem in kind of a strange way, but I’ll get to that later. My cameras controls use WASD for advancing and […]

Feature 2 Post Mortem

Generating terrain wasn’t too hard; the biggest problems I had were simple things that shouldn’t have been problems. I decided to write the diamond square algorithm in c++ because I’m way more familiar with it than I am with ruby, and there were a few things I wanted to try and play around with when […]