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Half-homework 2 – Methods – due October 7

Your objective in this homework is to make code self-contained and reusable using methods. You will do this in the context of solving several disconnected problems that have no overarching story. Sorry. Breaking code up into methods has several benefits: it enables large problems to be decomposed into smaller, mind-sized bytes; methods with a distinct […]

Half-homework 1 – Maintenance – due September 23

Your objective in this homework is to acquaint yourself with the world of mathematical calculation using a programming language. Math in code is a little different than the calculator math you are used to in the following ways: Programmers make considerable use of variables, whose names tend to be longer and more meaningful. Numbers are […]

Homework 0 – The Git Sandwich

For homework 0, you gained access to your homework repository on GitLab, cloned it on your local machine, and pushed those local changes back up to GitLab. In this installment, you will learn to synchronize in the other direction—you will pull changes down from GitLab to your local repository. Pulling Suppose you’re home for the […]

Homework 0 – Updating SpecCheckers

Like you, your instructor is a human with finite supplies of time and energy. Errors inevitably creep into the SpecCheckers, whose JAR files are sitting in your cloned repository. Your instructor will fix the errors, but how do you get the fixes into your repository? A decade ago you would download the updated JAR files […]

Homework 0 – Goodbye, Pluto

Your task in this homework—which is worth no Blugolds—is to set up your repository and IntelliJ IDEA project and to acclimate yourself to the SpecChecker grading tools. GitLab You are probably used to two kinds of systems for editing and managing files. Some tools are installed on your local machine and edit files stored on […]