Cliff Fight

Don’t mind the awful audio…

Time Runner – rogersta

For some reason mouse clicks register but not keyboard presses unless full screened first. Unity Web Player Version:

Walk Cycle

Source: Tutorial: Walking animation for low-res sprites

RobH Walking

He is small but super cool. He won’t be blurry in game.

Puzzler – Mike R


Don’t let your dreams be memes

Madeup – rogersta

I’m not so great at the mathematical geometry stuff so these are pretty random. I was just trying different things to make cool looking objects with simple code. repeat 361 move 5 yaw sin 90 end repeat 90 pitch sin 90 repeat 361 move 5 yaw sin 90 end end tube ———————————————————– radius = 100 […]


The first model I “Madeup” was a scene of blue butterflies. I used a parametric equation for the butterflies and populated the scene with many of them.   The second model I “Madeup” was a variation on the “heart” parametric equation. I designed the loop for generating the curve, and did some revolutions, translation, rotations, […]