Feature 2 – height map

I had Blender create a height map from my sample terrain and output a PNG file where the corresponding color was the height at that specific pixel.   Woot.  Video

CS 330 Lecture 22 – Tuples, List Comprehensions, and Thinking Looplessly

Agenda what ?s logo tuples list comprehensions initials head’ pattern matching case vs. function definition patterns sum’ product’ factorial’ reverse’ Code test.hs Haiku

Feature 1 – Load OBJ meshes into your scene

1.  Load OBJ meshes into your scene     In order to bring in standard obj meshes from Blender, we just need to increase the robustness of the code slightly.  First, the code checks the beginning of the file for a ‘#’ symbol.  If absent, the code continues as before.  Otherwise it goes through the […]

Sphero Final Project: Matthew and Landon

So what we initially wanted to do was to make an augmented reality Sphero environment where you can actually see the path your Sphero had taken using the camera on you phone but as we researched and started learning more about Sphero we found out that that was pretty much impossible. What we did instead […]

Sphero- Adam King and Jack Ferris

Drive or Die provides the user with a simple interface, containing a joystick for controlling Sphero movement, a health bar to show health remaining, a timer to show number of seconds survived, and a score that (is supposed to) go up based on amount of time survived and amount of health remaining.  The more health, […]

Literatti: The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design

The book I chose to read was called The Ultimate Guide to Video Game Writing and Design. The authors are two long-time industry veterans who had been working in the game industry from before the PS1 era to the time of the books current publishing, just before the release of the Xbox 360 and PS3. […]

Spheero Design Document – Morrissp, Petersat, Zirnheldj

Overview Our goal for this final is to turn the Spheero into a sort-of pet dog, making him follow around while we walk. Using the accelerometer and gyroscope, we will make the Spheero follow a person using their phone(their phone in their hand) . We plan on having two screens – one to connect to […]

My First Crack at Modeling

Persist – Anders Peterson

So since it is football season and I am currently managing a fantasy football team I decided that I’d make an app that keeps track of my players. The database holds the name of the player, how many points they have scored so far this season, and how many games they have played. On the […]

Cody and Michael’s Breakout Game

Cody and I created a version of Breakout from Unity. We hope you enjoy it! http://www.twodee.org/teaching/honors304-503/2012C/homework/breakout/