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SCHUHAJ – I Madeup Life

I looked at what had existed so far, and upon seeing Corey’s thought on making a double helix, I wanted to make one. First I needed to make a spiral, for i to 5 for t in 0,30..360 x = 10 * cos t y = 10 * sin t z = 0.1 * (360 […]

Madeup Models

First I tried simply drawing a model by manually moving, attempting to recreate the Mirror’s Edge logo didn’t go well at all. Turns out I’m really bad at that.   So I decided to check out the rotate function next making a cake-like object   Next was creating a noodle-like object  with loops   I […]

Chain model

Followed this youtube tutorial and created a chain link model.

CS 455 Lecture 24 – Impostors and Geometry Shaders

Agenda what ?s homework 4 framebuffer objects geometry shaders impostors Think About This You are writing a molecular simulation where you need to render 1000s of atoms. What naive solution might you take to render them? How might you accelerate this process? Haiku


Ha! I beat David! My life is complete. Anyway, I figured I’d get this done so it’s one less thing to worry about. Here was my thought process: “Man, I’m really not creative. Let’s look at good ol’ Google to see what cool looking shapes there are.” “Wow, look at all this cool stuff!” “I […]

CS 455 Homework 4 – Madeup

See the PDF.

CS 455 Lecture 23 – Water

Agenda what ?s homework 4 water forward differencing TODO As a lab exercise: Sync with the class repository to get the water starter project. Run it to find some very disappointing water. We’re going to do a couple of things to make it look better: 1) add environment mapping to make it reflect the skybox […]

pinterrm – HW3

Here is a rendering of the very famous event in which a droid and a snowman block..thing, exchange a rare CMOR coin while under close surveillance by a Blackbird. The process for this homework was fairly straightforward and mostly was combining knowledge from various labs into a single cohesive unit. One hurdle that I worked […]

CS 455 Lecture 22 – Applying Noise

Agenda what ?s last homework compute this generating noise wood and marble fog Compute This Suppose you’ve got three numbers. You want to weight and sum them. The 0th should be weighted half as much as the 1st. The 1st should be weighted half as much as the 2nd. What are the weights? Suppose you’ve got […]


    Theme: Since I was going to get knee-deep in blender, I wanted to create objects that were simple enough and unique enough to keep me interested in fine-tuning the littlest details. I decided on a making references to my favorite PlayStation One game: Crash Bandicoot (known for its many crates), and one of […]

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