CS 455 Lecture 15 – Camera

Agenda what ?s where we are adding another space a Camera class the lookat function the view matrix advancing rolling pitching TODO Start Seen Scene homework. The specification’s not written yet, but it can be summarized as follows: construct a scene comprised of at least five lit and textured objects. As a lab exercise, add […]

Weirc – Magnets

I was not feeling confident before I started this assignment, because I know very little about the framework, and how the projection, theta, shift, scale parameters work with the matrix… Nothing was clear at that point, but now I’m grateful of this assignment, because it forced me to learn how those pieces intertwined and worked […]


Overall things went well. I have a few glitches when the magnets interact from the sides, but for the most part everything seems to be working as expected. The approach I took was to tackle the geometry first. I wanted to get all the rectangles placed and colored in the right way before I would […]

lavaniaj – HW2

I started with creating the magnet struct. The sudo code was easy to follow. After this I focused on getting two rectangles to display and making them different colors. The biggest hurdle with the assignment was figuring out how to color 2 separate rectangles. Once I figured that out all the other things fell into […]

Magnets – gutzmejr

I first wanted to get a rectangle appearing on the screen, then duplicate it, add the poles and interaction, and finally add the flipping functionality. I ended up doing the last two steps the other way around, with adding color thrown in there somewhere. The biggest obstacles besides initially getting the rectangle to appear was […]

Robby’s Magnets

I started this assignment by just getting the magnets drawn using one rectangle array using transformation matrices which went smoothly. I knew at this point I should probably use the magnet center point to base all my drawings off of but decided to push forward with implementing the click drag functionality and the right click […]

wasmercj – Magnet-arino

This assignment was about 5 times more difficult than Gaussian Pox. Reusing the code from the labs seemed like the best way to get things displaying on the screen. It was way more of a struggle than it should’ve been to get the first 2 rectangles displayed on the screen. Once we did, however, a […]

FELLOMNK – Magnets on Acid

I thought at first that I would hate doing this assignment, but near the end of it, I actually kind of enjoyed it. That being said, my OnDraw method is one hell of an ugly hog, with all the stuff having to do with coloring the rectangles. I made a random color generator for my […]

pinterrm – HW2

I spent the majority of my time on this assignment on figuring out exactly how to draw magnets to the screen. Mostly because I was still stuck in a modeling state of mind and this lead to the thinking that I should upload every vertex as a 3d model of sorts in the orthographic projection […]

Gaussian Pox elwoodld

Overall the project was not conceptually hard. The biggest problems I had were remembering some of the quirks and how to’s of C++. That and making sure I didn’t flip flop variables. and overthinking problems. It was pretty straight forward, once you get the energy, assign color to a range. 

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