I ran into a few significant snags in the project, the largest of which was probably getting the two different magnets to move individually.  After figuring that out the next problem was actually caused by a simple error with the unbinding of the shader, after solving that and a few other smaller problems the […]

CS 455 Lecture 14 – Perspective

Agenda what ?s the limits of orthographic perspective matrix derivation TODO As a lab exercise, alter one of your renderers to use a perspective projection. (Add a GetPerspective method to Matrix4). In orthographic projections, which don’t really have a physically realistic concept of an eye, we can put the image plane wherever we want, even […]

FISHERJK – Magnets

Thought process: After translating the pseudo-code, the first thing I needed to do was figure out the relationship between the positions and faces of the magnets. I started off drawing the vertices, calculating the positions of the corners, and then labeling them in a counterclockwise manner to account for the face indices. Once I shipped […]

FISHERR – Magnets

For the magnet’s homework, my thought process was as follows: Designing C++ Classes:  The two classes included a MagnetRenderer and a Magnet.cpp file to provide the struct implementation and methods.  I needed to break down the Magnet pseudocode and translate to C++.  For the renderer class, I needed to design how the OnDraw method would […]

Ian Brown magnet

    My first problem with this lab was to fully understand the openGL implementation and learn how to deal with the different coordinate spaces, I ended up using the getOrthographic to just set my GL coordinates to the windows so i could easily switch between the two.  The next big challenge was to get […]

Gaussian Pox – breitc

After remembering the c++ header file syntax I worked on Image then incorporated it in Main.  Difficulties I ran into were my writePPM being very slow initially, but with help got it working and it was easy from there.  I stuck with the simplicity of normalization.

Gaussian Pox rogersta

Once I relearned how to C++ everything went fairly smoothly. I did have some trouble normalizing the energies since I accidentally did the math backwards. That messed with my head for a while since the ppm file was coming out with some really strange values. My initial plan was to get the grey scale bumps […]

Gaussian Pox – wasmercj

  For a while I was mixing up height and width in some spots, causing some “unique” behavior, so I guess that was one of the larger challenges. I also wanted to get multiple colors working, but was unable to get it looking good. The idea was to normalize across 255*3, and any value from […]

Gaussian Pox

I began by construction the Image class, and then moved on to writing the main and creating the loops and equations needed to generate the dots. The most difficult part for me in this assignment was wrapping my head around storing the rgb values in a 1-d array. Once I figured that out, the rest was […]

Brian’s Gaussian Pox (now with a title)

This assignment was pretty cool. One of the few hurdle I had when creating the gaussian blobs was the file format. After messing around with the file format for a little while, and getting used to creating file in c++, I finally got a gaussian type picture. I have to admit that made me pretty […]

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