CS 455 Lecture 13 – UV Mapping in Blender

Agenda what ?s uv mapping non-algorithmically controlling with seams TODO As a lab exercise, uv map at least two models: the moon and something else. For the moon, use an existing texture, like the one at http://planetpixelemporium.com/earth.html. For the other, either create your own texture in an image editor, download one, or paint the texture directly on to […]

Nathan’s Pox

Here is my homework. Nothing special, just a bunch of colored circles in space. I had the most problems writing the ppm because I switched up width and height, but when I got that figured out, the rest was pretty easy.

schuhaj – chicken pox

           I am simply awful at understanding directions without a frame of reference.  I initially attempted to simply fumble my way through the instructions with the intention of fixing everything later.  This turned into more of a mess than necessary. The energy equation was easy to figure out, as was finding the […]

Weirc – Gaussian pox

The hardest part for me is to figure out what a bump is in terms of data structure, which only needed a few minutes for Chris to explain to me. Then I just followed the instruction, and finished the program. At this point, it outputs very weird images, I didn’t know why, later with Chris’s […]

kryzernj – Gussian Pox

I had a few minor issues setting the ppm file up, however the largest problem that I encountered was visual studio. For some reason it was not recognizing the string datatype or any math functions.  After trying to fix these problems in VS someone suggested I try compiling it in putty.  It compiled and ran […]

CS 455 Lecture 12 – Texture Mapping

Agenda what ?s adding detail without geometry uv coordinates Texture class interpolation repetition While You’re Waiting I have an image of Campbell’s Soup label that is 480 pixels wide and 201 pixels tall. What must be the relative dimensions of the soup can upon which the label is affixed? TODO As a lab exercise, create […]

alibraay Gaussian Pox

    Overall creating the Image class went well. The only hang up I really had was trying to convince myself that the image that was being produced was reasonable. Other than that, trying to debug by looking at the ppm file was kind of troublesome.   This is one bump   This is 250 […]

spiegedj – HW 2

Thought Processes: I started off the project by converting the magnet pseudocode into a c++ class. I used a class instead of a struct for no real reason other than that I like classes better and I knew that there is little difference between them. I then worked on adding an OnDraw method to this magnet class so […]

CS 455 Lecture 11 – Aspect Ratio

Agenda what ?s Playdoh projection fitting the projection to the viewport TODO Start the Magnets homework. No class on Thursday. Some of you have missed some lab checkpoints and have asked if they could still be submitted. I’m am reluctant to diminish the value of previously awarded checkpoints. However, I offer the following two checkpoints […]

CS 455 Homework 2 – Magnets

See the PDF.

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