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CS 145 Lecture 2

Topics Covered Can we break the paperclip chain record? Boolean The nature of primitive types Switching between types Penny-based RAM Higher-level operations in the Math class Calculating cow-path savings What does this do? int a = 7; int b = 3; b = a + b; int i; System.out.println(i); int i = 100; System.out.println(i / […]

CS 145 Lecture 1

Topics Covered Hi Computer science is the study of process Variables Assignment operator Arithmetic operators Code MathFun.java package lecture; public class MathFun { public static void main(String[] args) { System.out.println(5 + 5); System.out.println(5 – 100); System.out.println(5 * 100); System.out.println(5 / 100); double taxRate = 0.055; double costOfPaulsBikeTire = 26.0; System.out.println(26 + 26 * 0.055); System.out.println(26 […]

CS 491 Homework 0 – due before Friday, 9/16

See the PDF.

CS 491 Lecture 2 – PopMusic

Today we continue our discussion of Android development and start to dissect the pillars of all interactive applications: the classes Activity and View. Before that, though, let’s gather some requirements and do some rough design for today’s app: a bubble-wrap popper. Partner up with a neighbor and take 5 minutes to answer some questions: What […]

CS 491 Lecture 1 – Restaurand

Welcome to the course notes for CS 491, Mobile Software Development. You can subscribe to RSS feed with your favorite reader. (I use Google Reader.) Take a moment to check out the syllabus! Introduction Hi. My first cell phone had a cord. It was so big I couldn’t fit it under my car seat. It […]

CS 145 Lab 1

Welcome CS 145 is a class where you learn to teach machines. You won’t just use them. You’re going to become a developer. Unlike the natural and social sciences, computer science and programming are not topics addressed in many of our schools. Let’s take a moment to describe what we computer scientists do with each […]