Gibberish Generator – wirthaw – hw3

My app is a gibberish generator with two generating options. A user can either choose to create what i called element gibberish(paragraphs, text message, un ordered list, and a number of headers)  or corporate gibberish which is just a bunch of generic slogans and phrases with a corporations name inserted into it. Originally I had […]

Homework 3 – What are the Lyrics?

My app goes and gets lyrics from an API based on what the use specifies for an artist and a song title.  For this I used the API from LyricsWiki.  I used RESTful  service like we did in class but used more of a post to search than a get like we did in class. […]

Homework #3 crakerbr

Everybody faces a daily decision to either go and do something outside or stay home and play video games. Rather than trying to estimate the weather and risk frostbite, heatstroke, hypothermia, or any of the other afflictions nature tries to kill us with, my app finds out the current weather and tells you whether to […]

CS491: Homework03 xiongchu

My extra feature is using YouTube’s Data API to extract video information and display them. I actually used their RESTful web service, I made a http request like we did in class and sending the appropriate parameters based on what I want my results to be. Then using the JSON library to parse the response […]

CS 145 Lab 8

Reminder Show your instructor or TA your already completed checkpoints from lab 7 in the first 20 minutes of this lab. Arrays As discussed in class and in your textbook, arrays are simply number collections of data. We can have arrays of primitives and we can have arrays of objects. Making an array looks similar […]

CS 145 Lecture 16 – Arrays

Agenda named data vs. numbered data arrays mapping month numbers to names the birthday problem Code Birthdays package lecture; import; import; import java.util.Scanner; public class Birthdayarator { public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException { Scanner in = new Scanner(new File(“/home/cjohnson/Desktop/bdays.txt”)); String[] names = new String[12]; names[0] = “January”; names[1] = “February”; […]

Homework 3 – Seven Seas of Rhyme

Ok, first and foremost, the title is a pun a Queen song. Now that the most important piece of information is out of the way lets get to the app. For this assignment I hooked a simple GUI onto‘s rhyming dictionary API. In addition to rhyming words, the API has two other functions: it […]

CS 491 Lecture 17 – Falling Math

Agenda issue camera and gallery intents recognize speech write a custom speech recognizer write a gesture recognizer Falling Math Our next app will satisfy several of your requests from your apps wish list: a Space Invaders game, incorporation of novel mobile hardware, and some 2-D drawing stuff (though not much). What’s the app? Well, mathematical […]

CS 491 Lecture 16 – Wevents Part V

Agenda Post-haste I never got notes written when this post was first published. These are being written two months later. They won’t flow. Flushing remote changes When a user changes a calendar event, we always commit it to the local database first. This caching scheme is called writeback; we make our changes to the cache […]

Canny Algorithm edge detection

Last week I started reading sections of the OpenCV book given to me by Professor Johnson and Stevenson. The sections I read with had to deal with edge detection and gray scaling (required for the Canny Algorithm). I expanded upon my previous code for loading in an image to do this.   // OpenCVConfiguration.cpp : Defines the entry […]