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Anna and Alex’s Unity Project for a 4yo

Anna and Alex’s game

CS 491 Lecture 13 – Pinch and zoom and pan

Before class A Before next class: Watch http://youtu.be/rQC_kQtVt38. Read http://android-developers.blogspot.com/2010/06/making-sense-of-multitouch.html. B Before next class: Watch http://youtu.be/Jfgr3Ewsw8s. Read about HTML5’s Canvas transformation API at https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Canvas_tutorial/Transformations. In class Continue the problem from last lecture. If you have 1x, add the ability to pan around the canvas. If you have 2x, add the ability to scale, either with two fingers pinching and […]

A rotating 3-D model with Raspberry Pi

I left off with a visible but maligned rendering. The malignancy is gone. I did not have a depth buffer in my EGL context. EGL(depth_size=8) fixed that. I also wanted to be able to handle key events. Peter insisted on a select-driven event loop, so I went searching to figure out how to read the keyboard via […]

Team In Progress Presents: “Mars: The Accidental Expedition”

An interactive fiction from In Progress. With several paths to follow, can you figure out how to survive, escape or even conquer the red planet? Mars: The Accidental Expedition

In Progress Video

The video was up somewhere, but by request this should move it to the usual post mortems location.   The Space Race What Really Happened

Team RAD Presents: A Game of Growth

Ryan Pinter, Adam Al-Ibrahim, and David Spiegel’s Lab 3 Project.   A Game of Growth: Good things will happen if you collect spheres. Bad things will happen if you collect squares. Amazing things will happen if you collect speedy orange orbs.   http://www.twodee.org/teaching/honors304-503/2012C/homework/adr/

CS 491 Lecture 12 – Continuous rendering and gestures

Before class A Before next class: Watch http://youtu.be/spSomawdgTg. Skim http://developer.android.com/reference/android/view/SurfaceView.html. B Before next class: Watch http://youtu.be/T_Z9lNQVaNg. Browse http://developer.android.com/reference/android/gesture/package-summary.html. In class Write a continuous renderer that draws a number word like “one”, “two”, “three”, and so on, which gets bigger and bigger and bigger over time. If the user draws the corresponding gesture—a 1, 2, 3, …—generate […]

Cannon Platformer: Lab 3

John Asmus’ and my Lab 3 project. Have fun flying around as a cannon and collecting keys. http://www.twodee.org/teaching/honors304-503/2012C/homework/cannon_project/

Persist :: Becky Sippert

The problem my app solves is keeping track of scores for the card game 500, since it can be difficult to remember which bids get what point value. The app has three screens. The first displays the bids (READ) that have been made in the game, the total scores of either team, and buttons that […]

HNRS 304.503 Lab 4 – Tiled platformer

Game design is not for coders alone. In this three-week lab, you and your chosen partner (not the same as you partnered with for lab 3), will create a tile-based platformer whose levels can be designed in a plain old text editor. For example, I might have a level comprised of blue spheres and orange […]

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