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Showing a 3-D model on our Raspberry Pi

Eric got his OBJ loader working, we think, so it came time for me to integrate his code with my demo renderers. It kind of worked. I added a normal attribute to the vertex shader and sent it along to the fragment shader, where I calculated some simple directional lighting in eye space. I drew […]

Unity Football

For this assignment, Joel and I created a game who’s goal is to catch footballs. Footballs rain down as the player moves a pair of hands across the screen trying to catch them. If they player’s catch percentage drops below 75% after ten balls, the game is over. The game gets more difficult as play […]

U and I: Jake Berner

My app is a relatively simple and familiar app. If you’re familiar with the class MadLib game of filling in the blanks to make a silly story, then this app is for you! It’s called BadLib because the scripts aren’t that great, and neither are the resulting stories. The app makes use of TextView, EditText, […]

Persist – Dan Zirnhelt

I decided to make a contact list. It allows you to store first name, Last name and a phone number in a database.  This is built in a scroll-able list that will scroll if you add more then can be displayed on the screen.  I used my Galaxy S III to do all of my testing and […]

Drawing a line

I have a friend who is trying to get a bunch of first semester programmers to plot a line between two points into a 2-D pixel array. Bresenham’s is out of the question. A first attempt was a slope-based approach. I never saw the code he came up with, but it wasn’t able to handle […]

Presist :: Luke Mehring

For the Persist app I made a Spam texter.  All this app does is spams a phone number with x amount of the same message.  The first reason I made this app was to troll my roommate by sending him an amazing amount of texts as fast as I could.  Then I decided that this […]

I OBJect to objects

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that the title will have taken longer to come up with that the rest of this post…oh well. Since we want to run some nifty graphics demos on our raspberry pi’s/ raspberries pi (no sure how to pluralize this), we thought it would be […]

U And I: Dave Moss Resub

I created a grocery list app, the purpose of which is to keep track of what you need to buy from the grocery store. A fairly interesting thing I learned was that to store a list in the SharedPreferences, you need to use a workaround since it cannot store straight up lists. to do this […]

TODO: Landon Burlingham

I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit lately and although its a little behind schedule I think I finally know what I would like to learn about in this class. The first thing that really got my attention was a mouse controller for windows with a tablet. Although i know there are some out […]

Synchronized Drawing

I was tasked with using MPI_Barrier to synchronously draw two triangles on two different raspberry pi boards. I was unsuccessful, but not unproductive. The reason I wasn’t successful is this: When I executed Dr. Johnson’s triangle.py program, the program would give me the following error: numconfig= c_long(1) Traceback (most recent call last): File “triangle.py”, line […]

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