Gaussian Pox Submission

    There were a few obstacles that I had to overcome to get this lab to work.  The first was to actually get the PPM file to write.  I had the wrong header to the file so it would just print out black stripes.  Once i got the file to work I had to […]

CS 455 Lecture 5 – Indexed Geometry and OBJ Models

Agenda what ?s filled geometry GL_TRIANGLES reading in an OBJ model TODO Before next class: Lab: tweak our model renderer to allow the user to toggle between a wireframe and filled display of our model. See glPolygonMode. Participation: Next lecture we’re going to build a Matrix class to help us represent our transformations. Before that, […]

CS 330 Lecture 7 – Regex Cont’d

Agenda what ?s what does this do? substitution capturing lookaround assertions TODO 1/4 sheet: Try your hand at Regex Golf. Report some of your regices and your score. What Does This Do? Code arithmetic.txt calc.rb music.rb Haiku

CS 330 Lecture 6 – Regex in Ruby

Agenda what ?s visualizing regex with Regexper asserting filtering with scan, grep, etc. substitutions TODO Start the Regexercise homework. At least the first two problems must be completed before February 20. Remember to follow the Bitbucket workflow. I encourage you to commit and push frequently—do not wait until you’ve got everything working. Code isa.rb nofoo.rb nocomments.rb […]

Shulk sword… in progress

CS 455 Lecture 4 – Transforms and Indexed Geometry

Agenda what ?s translating scaling rotating indexed geometry TODO On a quarter sheet, solve this matrix multiplication problem: More important than the right answer is the mechanics of the multiplication. Show at least some of your work! With a partner: augment the second renderer to create some rotating non-plane geometric shape of your choosing. Some […]

Just a sword