CS 330 Lecture 11 – Basecalc Interpreter Cont’d

Agenda what ?s defining an interpreter add callbacks to interpreter internode communication variables TODO See post Git Syncing + Permissions Issues on Thingies on Piazza to fix some problems you are likely to encounter. Get your homework (at least the first two problems) pushed to Bitbucket before Friday. If you can’t see your code on Bitbucket’s site, neither […]

CS 455 Lecture 7 – Diffuse and Ambient Lighting

Agenda what ?s diffuse lighting ambient lighting TODO Incorporate diffuse and ambient shading into the sphere renderer. Mix 90% of the diffuse color with 10% ambient. Cast a white light on an orange diffuse surface. Email me a screenshot of your lit sphere. Code … Haiku

Robby’s Gaussian Pox

For this assignment my thought process started by just getting the implementation of the Image class all sorted out. After that I moved into the actually application of the Image class using the Guassian Pox function in order to calculate our energy. After reading that carefully and being confident I understood what the end goal […]

CS 330 Lecture 10 – Basecalc Interpreter

Agenda what ?s whitespace expr productions parse trees a REPL an interpreter TODO Read up on the origin of a programming language of your choosing, and share some interesting factoids on a 1/4 sheet. Review Process of Interpretation Write your grammar in a *.g file. Run antlr on *.g file to produce the Java source […]

spiegedj – HW 1

Hurdles:  One issue I had was that I was getting weird distortions around the edges of my bumps. This turned to be because I was printing the float value of the colors to my PPM file and gimp interprets 3.03984e-005 as 3. Additionally, testing the code to make sure it was correct was a challenge. Thought […]

FISHERJK – Gaussian Pox

Thought Process: My thought process with this assignment was to first start figuring out how the indexing of the RGB channels worked and what a Gaussian Bump meant in this context. I then needed to figure out how to structure this in relation to the PPM file format. After writing the  Image class components and trying to grapple with the […]

FISHERR – Gaussian Pox

        (The images above were generated with different dimensions, RGB color channels, and variances.) For the Gaussian Pox homework, my thought process was as follows: Designing C++ Classes:  I had to carefully identify the necessary variables,methods, and logic, that would make the Image, Bump, and GaussianPox classes coordinate together. Research: how to […]

CS 330 Lecture 9 – A Calculator

Agenda what ?s a grammar lexing to get a token stream TODO 1/4 sheet: read chapter 1 in your book. Code Basecalc.g Haiku

CS 455 Lecture 6 – Matrices

Agenda what ?s dot product recasting rotation, scaling homogeneous coordinate recasting translation a Matrix4 class TODO Read about calculating normals and shading. I encourage you to read a few other sources as well. Bring a 1/4 sheet with 3-4 questions or observations. You are welcome to answer any these challenge questions: If a light is […]

CS 330 Lecture 8 – Regex Closeout

Agenda what ?s regex bingo a few more examples links between images double-spaces between sentences finding repeats ith field TODO Right now: You and a partner make a 4×4 grid of randomly generated strings. Include upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, whitespace, and punctuation. Keep the strings short. There’s no free space. Before Friday: Familiarize yourself […]