Gaussian Pox – breitc

After remembering the c++ header file syntax I worked on Image then incorporated it in Main.  Difficulties I ran into were my writePPM being very slow initially, but with help got it working and it was easy from there.  I stuck with the simplicity of normalization.

Gaussian Pox rogersta

Once I relearned how to C++ everything went fairly smoothly. I did have some trouble normalizing the energies since I accidentally did the math backwards. That messed with my head for a while since the ppm file was coming out with some really strange values. My initial plan was to get the grey scale bumps […]

Gaussian Pox – wasmercj

  For a while I was mixing up height and width in some spots, causing some “unique” behavior, so I guess that was one of the larger challenges. I also wanted to get multiple colors working, but was unable to get it looking good. The idea was to normalize across 255*3, and any value from […]

Gaussian Pox

I began by construction the Image class, and then moved on to writing the main and creating the loops and equations needed to generate the dots. The most difficult part for me in this assignment was wrapping my head around storing the rgb values in a 1-d array. Once I figured that out, the rest was […]

CS 330 Lecture 19 – A Type Dichotomy

Agenda what ?s system vs. programmer-defined strong vs. weak static vs. dynamic TODO For a 1/4 sheet participation point, compose a midterm question about some topic we’ve discussed so far this semester. Follow these guidelines in forming your question: The question should require cognitive processes to answer. Merely recalling trivia does not. You can look […]

Brian’s Gaussian Pox (now with a title)

This assignment was pretty cool. One of the few hurdle I had when creating the gaussian blobs was the file format. After messing around with the file format for a little while, and getting used to creating file in c++, I finally got a gaussian type picture. I have to admit that made me pretty […]

CS 455 Lecture 13 – UV Mapping in Blender

Agenda what ?s uv mapping non-algorithmically controlling with seams TODO As a lab exercise, uv map at least two models: the moon and something else. For the moon, use an existing texture, like the one at For the other, either create your own texture in an image editor, download one, or paint the texture directly on to […]

Nathan’s Pox

Here is my homework. Nothing special, just a bunch of colored circles in space. I had the most problems writing the ppm because I switched up width and height, but when I got that figured out, the rest was pretty easy.

CS 330 Lecture 18 – Types

Agenda what ?s program this a definition of types static vs. dynamic weak vs. strong Program This Write pseudocode to calculate a score for a given hand in Black Jack. In this game, jacks, queens, and kings are worth 10, numeric cards (2-9) are worth their numeric value, and aces are worth either 1 or […]

schuhaj – chicken pox

           I am simply awful at understanding directions without a frame of reference.  I initially attempted to simply fumble my way through the instructions with the intention of fixing everything later.  This turned into more of a mess than necessary. The energy equation was easy to figure out, as was finding the […]