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“Say my name, say my name…” – Kristin and Maria (Premortem)

So our idea for was to make an extremely simple Phonegap app.  You can give it your name and it will give it back to you.  Simple we know, but we are not too sure about using Phonegap. :)

Location Tracker – Postmordem

Location Tracker – Brian Hauschildt Location tracker in an app which holds data on GPS points. In the app you can look up points on a map, use your current location, and you can associate these points with pictures. The app interacts with a map two different ways. You can enter a point into the […]

Tender – Postmortem

Some challenges for us while working on Tender were getting  the design to look somewhat pretty, writing well structured code for Android, and some functionality like saving the lists correctly.  Since the premortem, we pretty much overhauled our entire idea.  The premise of the app stayed the same, but our ideas and hopes for it […]

Turnt Simulator Postmortem

  Developers: Cody Wanless and Zach Forster In the end Turnt Simulator turned out quite well, considering our expectations. We had to abandon the automatic addition of party-esque scenery to photos, as well as the automatic Facebook check-ins, due to time constraints. We were also unable to add a control for the user to change […]

Music Quiz Classic Postmortem

Music Quiz Classic: Quiz yourself on your own music library! Music Quiz Classic uses your personal music collection to play random songs for you to guess. Unlimited hours of gameplay! Highscore tracking across play-throughs. Bonus ‘About’ feature displays location based information related to the artists on your device! Note: User must have music on their […]

Leveler – Postmortem, Ian Brown & Jake Vosters

In this lab we use the accelerometer in order to find the orientation of the device. If you have the orientation you can than see what axis’s of the devices are flat, and use the three axis’s x, y, and z as a leveler tool for finding how straight an object is. This lab had […]

Freelance App Postmortem

Exek This app will enable a user to create an account with a username and password that is stored in a remote database.  The user can then customize his or her profile.  All of the textual information is read in using JSON web service.  This enables the user to customize the entire site’s language among […]

Learn to count. post-mortem

The most difficult part of this lab was sadly getting the android device to connect to eclipse.  This is the first app I have needed to use a real device since I needed to test the speech recognition which the emulator does not support.  I used my room mates kindle which came with a bunch […]

Where’s [User]? (POST)

Haley & Trey Interesting Challenges: Figuring out how to have both a WordPress site and an additional generic PHP site on the same machine (ended up giving up and taking down the WordPress site during development) Registering the app so we could use Google Play services Parsing the JSON (originally was trying to misuse a […]

Postmortem – What have I found? (Trey and Haley)

One of the more interesting challenges we faced was when we were setting the permissions for speech recognition due to placing them inside the wrong tag. In order to have the voice recognition understand better, it is important to clearly say the word. No changes have been made since the premortem. Achievements we would like […]